Sunday, October 10, 2004

Politics: Greens agree with my analysis?

Posted by AmishThrasher at 3:32 pm
The Greens
The Greens
The Greens agree
with me?
Do the Greens agree with my analysis of the election? At least in part?

From the Green Party blog:

I was in a bar last night, drowning my sorrows in advance, and got talking to the owner of the bar, who cited interest rates as the issue that was going to decide his vote this election. He talked about his fear of losing his business - "if the rates go up to 15% like they were under Labor, I'll lose my house" he told us. "It'd be a disaster."
The real disaster, as far as I could see, is that the Liberal Party's scaremongering has met with almost no opposition in this election. The are a million ways to explain why interest rates aren't necessarily higher under Labor, but the Labor Party has simply failed to make the case. It's the same across all the key issues in this election campaign: the Labor Party has shyed away from a fight and never taken the time to explain why so much of Howard's rhetoric is simply wrong, wrong, wrong.
The Greens stand to do particularly well out of all this, which is great, of course. But will the sun rise tomorrow if Howard is the Prime Minister? What will the next three years bring for us? I broke the lead of my pencil grinding '1' above the line for the Greens; now all that's left is to wait.