Monday, December 06, 2004


Posted by AmishThrasher at 11:37 am
Too many tissues
In the past few days, I've added some new posts (scroll down to see them). One is Peter Beattie's comments on Federal Labor, which are interesting to read (for those with an interest in Australian politics), and the other is a post on the Amish, and how this blog came to be called "The Amish Blog". I noticed there's people who came to this site by searching for the music industry - if that's you, there's still some articles on the front page (so scroll down), and also check the archives (there's a lot of articles in the oldest archives). As always, if you have any comments about anything I've written or quoted here, feel free to add a comment.

Anyway, I've decided to type up a new post just to fill everyone in on what I've been up to lately. i put a picture of a tissue box at the start of this post because, unfortunately, I had the flu through most of last week. That said, I've been back at work from friday onwards, and am feeling a lot better now. Speaking of work, there's the Christmas Party next week, and we've got KK gifts to get.

Unfortunately, I ain't going to Falls this year, so I'll need to make new plans for new years. I was planning on going to Falls originally, but unfortunately we didn't get around to getting tickets, and apparently they've sold out. So I'll organize something else over the next few days, and I'm happy to take suggestions.

Finally, results come through today apparently, so I'll see how I went. Speaking of which, I'll post some essays from this year on the blog when I get around to it.