Thursday, June 09, 2005

Site Update: June 9th, 2005 Part II: Podcasting and Vlogging

Posted by AmishThrasher at 11:57 am
Coming soon to the Amish Blog?
Okay, this update is getting too long to post in one part, so I'll break it up into 2.

As I said, there's a whole bunch of stuff that I am looking at doing in regards to the AmishThrasher site in the next few months. Note that the fact that I'm thinking about it doesn't mean anything will come of it, but if some of this stuff does get done, it will be an exciting time at the site. The first thing that I'm looking at doing is adding some semi-regular 'feature subjects' to the site. There's a number of ideas I'm looking at in regards to this - for example, tourists often explore and visit lots of attractions around the city, yet residents (while these attractions are right under their noses) never bother. Hows about suburban tourism? Or elaborating on stories in Wikinews? Or stories that, while of interest to the residents of suburbia, don't get covered in the mainstream media? Or perhaps doccumenting some of Melbourne's urban myths?

The next thing is getting some hosting set up for the site. What this means is more original photos, as well as allowing me to go beyond text blogging. there's a couple of ideas tied up with this - the first is putting together an AmishThrasher magazine for free download in PDF format, and getting a bunch of undiscovered writers the opportunity to chip in? Or perhaps an AmishThrasher radio show (via podcasting) or AmishThrasher TV specials - perhaps tieing in with WikiNews, WikiPedia, and AmishThrasher blog stories?

Finally, either turning AmishThrasher into a superblog with a number of contributers, or setting up a superblog?

Again, these ideas are still on the drawing board, but I may be adding stories and features along these lines in the coming months; for example an experimental podcast here, a videotaped discussion there. Regardless, some exciting stuff may be happening with the blog in the coming months.