Monday, August 01, 2005

Quick Update: Asian Tsunami Relief Update

Posted by AmishThrasher at 4:25 pm
Beyond Tsunami
Quick Update:
Beyond the Tsunami...
There are a number of updates, from various charities, on the relief work being carried out in the wake of the Indian Ocean Tsunami (which happend earlier this year). The first is from the Uniting International Mission - a charity group linked to Australia's Uniting Church - on the work being undertaken in Thailand to help the marginalised Moken community. Meanwhile, the Australian Red Cross has made an appeal for donations to help in other aid operations in South-East Asia, publishing alarming statistic that "It takes only seven days for the same number of children who died in the tsunami to die as a result of poverty in South Asia and the Pacific. This shocking statistic shows the fragile existence of so many of our regional neighbours. While those in the tsunami affected regions are receiving help, there are many others who need support." Having seen the poverty in the Philippines first hand a few years ago, this is not difficult to imagine. Click through to add your comment.