Monday, August 01, 2005

Quick Update: Date Set for RSPCA Elephant Appeal

Posted by AmishThrasher at 5:08 pm
Quick Update:
Appealing for Elephants
I recently posted an article about a campaign, currently being led by the RSPCA, to block the import of Asian Elephants into Australian zoos. The problem with these imports is that the elephants to not survive well, or breed well, in captivity. Well, according to a new press release from the RSPCA, "A legal appeal to decide the fate of eight Asian elephants earmarked for Australian zoos has been set for September 26, the Administrative Appeals Tribunal ruled today." I would like to wish them good luck in their legal appeal on September 26th. Meanwhile, I mentioned in the last AmishThrasher Wrap that, on the environment, "...our Federal Government certainly hasn't been pulling it's weight. Put differently, it's been a low priority - if not outright off the agenda - which has led to a decade of missed opportunities. And it's no surprise that the man at the center of this is Ian "The only options that we're pursuing are on offshore islands" Campbell... And if he doesn't either fix up his act and get his (and his government's) priorities straight, then it is up to us, voting public, to decide if we want him as our environment minister. It's really that simple." Well, intervening here would allow Campbell to do just that.