Monday, August 01, 2005

Quick Update: PBS fights back

Posted by AmishThrasher at 4:25 pm
Quick Update
Quick Update:
PBS Fights Back!
In my quest to keep the AmishThrasher up-to-date with limited time, beyond the AmishThrasher Wraps (which you have no doubt seen at the site already), I'm going to try some Slashdot style short posts, which link to interesting news and features on other websites, to open up discussion here. Anyway, in our first Quick Update, a Triple J radio show ("The Hack") has recently attacked PBS FM, accusing the Melbourne-based community broadcaster of acting in an unethical manner. Triple J apparently used the program to accuse PBS of being involved in a payola scheme, where in order for artists to be featured on its popular 'Studio 5 Live' program, the artists would have to make a donation to the station; and the station was not transparent to its listeners about this. Well, in a recent PBS FM Press Release, the community station has lashed out at Triple J's bribery accusations, stating that they "..are incorrect and challenged". The station also stated that "After we have approached touring acts to come on the show, we try and encourage them to make a contribution to cover our production costs but we do not make it conditional (ie,  bands are chosen on merit). Indeed out of the past 46 performances only 9 have made a contribution and not all for the same amount.  On-air cross promotion of the bands up coming performance is provided regardless of whether there has been a contribution. Where there has been a contribution the announcement is tagged 'Sponsors of PBS-FM’."